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Diving at Pulau Weh

May 8, 2016

Pulau Weh is not as popular a dive destination compared to other Indonesian destinations like Bali, Manado, etc. Why? I suppose that is probably because of the strict Shariah law in Banda Aceh. No drinking and selling of alcohol, no overly revealing clothes, etc. So why did we choose to dive there? We chose there because it is almost untouched by tourists and divers. It is exotic. We get to experience the actual lifestyle there without so much of the tourist traps you see in places that are high in tourist population. Because of the strict law, we are also assured that the crime rate would be low.


We flew to Banda Aceh and was picked up and transferred by land to the port to take a ferry to Pulau Weh. After alighting the ferry, we were then picked up again and went through scenic roads with major curves and bends and finally reached Iboih Town where we had to transfer to a small motorboat to reach Iboih Inn. It was low tide then, so the boat was really low and we had to climb down a ladder from the jetty. That was an interesting experience really. Gave some of us a little bit of needed adrenaline.




Iboih Inn is a rustic resort. We were the only group there at the time I think. It was off-season, and a weekday. The people were really warm and friendly. The staff knew most of us by our names after a few days.


We stayed in rooms facing the sea and there was a hammock on the balcony you and just chill in and relax with the sea breeze. The common area, also the restaurant where we have all our meals, is a cosy and chill place. Just look at the cats lazing around! No diving on the first day so we just settled in and chilled.